Rapid Prototyping – What Advantages of Powder Coating Surface Finish?

Anodization and powder coating are the common surface finish for aluminum rapid prototyping. It is a powder coating that is electrostatically sprayed and then cured at high temperatures to form a surface film. On the one hand, it can enhance the adsorption strength of the coating and prevent the paint film from falling off; on the other hand, it also plays a role in beautifying the appearance.


Then, what advantages of power coating surface finish?


1. It is a simple method, mainly due to the improvement of the automatic accuracy of the main equipment during the production. Microcomputer control has been achieved for some of the main technical parameters, effectively reducing the difficulty of process operation.


2. High rate of good quality, general speaking, the occurrence of nonconforming products can be controlled to the maximum if appropriate measures are taken.


3. Reduce pollution to water and atmosphere, no use of alkali, sulfuric acid and organic solvents. Also effectively improve the competitiveness of aluminum profiles (plastic steel profiles as environmentally friendly products), it can reduce some cost as well.


4. Significant reduction in labor intensity due to the use of automated assembly lines. The feeding method and the use of the fixture have been significantly simplified, improving production efficiency and reducing labor intensity.


5.There is a signification reduction in the requirement for surface quality. In addition, the powder coating can completely cover the extrusion pattern on the surface of the profile, cover up some defects on the surface of the aluminum profile, and improve the surface quality of the finished aluminum profile.


Above are the advantages of powder coating surface finish, it has a wide application in rapid prototyping.Please contact us at [email protected] to get more information if you are interested in powder coating.

Author: Chris Na