Rapid Prototyping-The Reasons of Hardware Prototypes With High Cost

In rapid prototyping, there are many types of plastic material, so customers can usually have a variety of choices. However, there are few metal materials. Due to limitations of some materials, it is difficult to be made by CNC directly. Usually hardware prototypes including aluminum alloy, steel, stainless steel and zinc alloy etc…


 Therefore, what are the reasons for the high cost of hardware prototypes? Today we will learn more useful knowledge. 


1. High raw material costs


General speaking, for these products that are same size, the density of metal is bigger than the density of plastic, metal raw is heavy. So metal products will need more raw material, which increasing the cost.


2. High process costs


When some prototypes with complex structure, usually it needs EDM and WEDM, which will increase the time of processing. And some products have many deep holes, which are difficult to be directly processed by CNC, and special drilling tools are needed, which will also increase the processing cost.


3. High manual costs


Like we mentioned above, EDM and WEDM will be required when parts have complex structure. EDM and WEDM are two very slow process, they will cost lots of processing time and will increase labor costs as well. Moreover, the EDM process requires technicians who have enough experience, otherwise the parts will get scrap easily, this will add more cost. 


Of course, hardware prototypes will also be affected by other factors, such as the size of order quantities and some special post-processing, which will also affect costs. Please contact us at [email protected] if you are interested metal rapid prototyping. We will provide the best services! 

Author: Chris Na