Rapid Prototyping — Selective Laser Sintering – SLS

The SLS?process creates three dimensional objects, layer by layer, from powdered materials with heat generated by a CO2 laser. The part is built inside of a cylinder that contains a moveable platform, and is formed layer-by-layer. A roller deposits a layer of powder across the top of the cylinder; the laser fuses the powder to create the part geometry and also bonds each layer to the one beneath it; the platform drops by the height of one layer; the roller deposits another layer of powder, and the process continues.

Some materials being used are polycarbonate, nylon, polyester, Protoform153 Composite(Nylon & Glass), TrueForm&153 PM Polymer, Rapid Steel Metal(Carbon Steel particles w/ Polymer coating) and polystyrene.

The SLS process can typically hold tolerances in the range of +.002" to +.010" across the part- building envelope.

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