Quality Development of Automotive Gasoline Engine Oil and Diesel Engine Oil

The development status of the composition of lubricating oils has been clearly seen. Various internal combustion engine oils have always been the main category of lubricating oils in the contemporary world, and their consumption accounts for about half of the total consumption of lubricating oils. Comprehensive, its quality supervision requirements are also high, and the development is also relatively fast, so it should naturally be analyzed as a typical category.

The quality level of lubricating oil of a country and an enterprise can mainly be reflected by the quality level of its internal combustion engine oil. Therefore, when we observe the quality development of lubricating oil, we should mainly look at the quality development of internal combustion engine oil, especially automotive gasoline engine oil and diesel engine oil. The quality and quality supervision requirements of internal combustion engine oil for vehicles can be analyzed mainly from its viscosity performance and various performances.

The quality of modern vehicle internal combustion engine oil is characterized by its viscosity grade and its engine performance grade. Viscosity is the basic characteristic of all lubricating oils*, reflecting the load, operating speed and ambient temperature of the oil. The performance is the more and more eye-catching performance of modern vehicle internal combustion engine oil (also all kinds of internal combustion engine oil), reflecting the degree of harsh engine operating conditions that the oil can adapt to; as modern human society pays more and more attention to efficiency and energy saving And environmental protection, internal combustion engine technology is advancing with each passing day, engine working conditions are becoming more and more demanding, and the quality requirements of internal combustion engine oil performance are upgraded every few years. This has become the primary concern of people and will be the focus of our discussion.

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