ptj’s CNC machining service

Dongguan Lemo Precision Metal Products Co.,Ltd can provide one-stop precision cnc machining Parts service for both metal and plastic components to our customers.Our precision machined components are mostly used in the field like automotive,automation system,special purpose machinery,medical equipment,electronic equipment,fluidcontrol,lighting industry,optical industry,model manufacturing,etc. Lemo Precision provide a wide range of custom machining parts service using advanced equipments and latest technology including:
CNC Milling ServiceCNC Turning ServiceCNC Milling and Turning MultipleMechanical Parts DesignPrecision Engineering ServicesParts AssembleEDM-Wire CuttingLaser CuttingPrecision GrindingSwiss Turning MachiningAuto-Lathing TurningInjection MouldingDie CastingInverstment Casting The material we mostly machining:Metal:Stainless Steel,Aluminium,Brass,Bronze,Copper,Steel,etc.Plastic:POM,ABS,PTFE,PEEK,PC,PP,Nylon,Teflon.PVC,Acrylic,Acetal,etc. The surface treatment we can do:AnodizingHard AnodizingAlodine/ChelfilmTeflon coatHeat treatmentChemical conversion coatingEngraving And Silk ScreeningPlating(Zinc,Nickel,Gold,Silver,Chrome,Oxidize,etc)Previous: What is CNC milling parts ?Next: CNC Swiss Parts Production

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