ptj Has Enough Experience To Process PVC Block By CNC Machining

Lemo has enough experience to process PVC block by cnc machining:We can process various plastic material, such as : PVC,PE,PU,POM,DERLIN,PC,PMMA,PA6,PTFE,PEEK,NBR and so on.There are one common character is to easy happen deformation during machining, The size of this kind of CNC machined parts can be  fluctuated accoring the existing temperature.  So need much time to do calibrate during milling.  Lemo has rich experience for this special machining,  Meanwhile, for all the screw holes, we will use GO /NO-GO screw gauge to do 100% inspection before shipment,  you can review from our below photos, to keep customers can get qualified and satisfied CNC machined parts from Lemo.

If you have any OEM CNC parts to make, welcome to contact us: [email protected]www.ptjmachining.comSkype: amyptj
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