Process knowhow for processing titanium alloy bar

On the basis of understanding the processing mechanism of titanium alloy bar and previous experience, the main process tips for processing titanium alloy bar are as follows:

(1) Positive Angle geometric blade is adopted to reduce cutting force, cutting heat and deformation of workpiece.

(2) Maintain a constant feed to avoid hardening of the workpiece, the cutter should always be in the feed state during the cutting process, the radial draft a e should be 30% of the radius in milling.

(3) High pressure and large flow cutting fluid is adopted to ensure the thermal stability of the processing process and prevent the surface denaturation of workpiece and tool damage due to high temperature.

(4) Keep the blade edge sharp, blunt tool is the cause of hot build-up and wear, easy to cause tool failure.

(5) As far as possible, the titanium alloy should be processed in the softest state, because the hardened material becomes more difficult to process, and the heat treatment improves the strength of the material and increases the wear of the blade.

(6) Use large tip radius or chamfer cut, as much as possible into the cutting blade. This reduces the cutting force and heat at each point and prevents local damage. In milling titanium alloy, the influence of cutting speed on tool life vc was the greatest, followed by radial draft (milling depth) ae.

From the blade to solve the problem of titanium processing

The blade groove wear in titanium alloy machining is the local wear in the back and front along the cutting depth. The chemical reaction and diffusion between the tool and the workpiece material at the processing temperature of more than 800℃ is also one of the reasons for the formation of groove wear. During processing, titanium molecules in the workpiece accumulate in the front of the blade and are "welded" to the blade under high pressure and high temperature, forming a debris tumor. When the debris is removed from the blade, the carbide coating of the blade is removed. Therefore, the processing of titanium alloy requires special blade materials and geometric shapes.

Suitable for titanium machining tool structure

The focus of titanium alloy processing is heat, a large amount of high pressure cutting fluid to timely and accurate injection on the cutting edge, in order to be able to quickly remove the heat. There is a special market for titanium alloy milling cutter unique structure.

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