Platic Home Appliance Mould

Sino Mould produces various kinds of home appliance moulds, such as: air conditioner moulds, refrigerator moulds, washing machine moulds, etc. We have a long-term partner of Siemens, Hitachi, Unionaire, Unitech and other household appliances brands.


We have a strong home appliance mould design and R&D team that can help you develop new home appliance projects. Before the project, we will systematically analyze the feasibility and technical problems of the new mold, and then provide you with suitable solutions. After finishing the mold design, we will conduct mold flow analysis, so that we can design the mold more reasonably, reduce the design and manufacturing cost, and improve the quality of product molding.


For mold processing, we use high-precision mold processing equipment, such as gantry CNC milling, with a length and width of 4200 * 1800CM, and a depth of 600-800mm, which is suitable for processing and manufacturing various air-conditioning molds and washing machine molds. Ensure precise mold size and improve mold quality.


Secondly, the appearance of home appliances needs a good finish, so we will adopt polishing process to ensure a good polished surface of home appliances. When assembling, the assembly master has a skilled assembly ability to ensure accurate home appliances mould assembly. After this, a satisfactory product will be obtained.


We can also provide you with a complete set of plastic mold solutions, including all equipment such as mold machines. And we have been expanding our service area, you are welcome to join us-Plastic Machine Agent.

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