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We have one branch company specially manufacture home appliance molds. For example: refrigerator molds, air conditioner molds, washing machine molds and so on. We made different parts for refrigerator. We are going to write about the refrigerator door trim mold manufacture below.

Door trim is a long part while the width is small compare to the length. So this shape product will easy face two problem. One problem is shrink mark another one is product deformation. The shrink usually will occur at the surface of the product where have rib designed in another side. The shrink will be more heavier if the surface thickness is very more smaller. So before tooling, we need to make analyzing to the design. Any fact will cause the shrink problem should be get solution in the beginning.

For the deformation problem, it can’t be cancel as the design is very long, each plastic have shrinkage. Each product will shrink after cooling down. But we can make adjusting on the injection parameter to make the deformation to the most smallest. During test, we can make the plastic injection time longer and make the pressure holding time longer. In this way, the product will be more strong and due to product stay in the cavity longer, the deformation will be smaller.

Please don’t hesitate to contact with me if you have demand in the refrigerator door trim mold. We will give you the best solution and make you satisfied. We are the best refrigerator door trim mold manufacture.


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