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Sino Pipe Fitting Co., Ltd, the branch of China HOLDINGS GROUP, is specialized in manufacturing various types of PVC, PPR, PP, PE pipe fitting system moulds. We have 24 years experience in making PVC pipe fitting mould.


We can make many types of the pipe fitting mould, such like: socket, 45°& 90 °elbow, tee, thread, reducer, U-type, bridge, Y-type, cross, valve, union, cap, tee skew double, tee skew double corner, external offset, etc.


As for the ejector system, we use unscrewing ejection system solution, collapsible core system solution with min.ø32mm, curve sliding core system solution, insert interchangeable fitting system solution, tailor-made irregular shape moulding solution, etc.


PVC Pipe fitting mould feature:

Cavity and core steel use Stavax S420 tempered with HRC.48-52, stainless mould base with HRC more than 32.

Use twice tooling: rough tooling and tempered precision tooling.

To design mould size as small as possible without compromising mould quality.

Limit switch for size stroke control and prolong the mould life.

Design the best cooling system for saving cycle time to achieve high productivity.

Fulfill multi-direction collapsible core system fitting shape.

To make the slide locked by a stopper to be sure that the slide will not slide down because of the gravity.

We are also considerate mould design detail for customer easy operation.


China choose the most suitable high quality material to make the moulds, With the precision tooling equipment and special steel material treatment, strict dimension control and top mentality mould progress control system, We are warmly welcomed by our high precision quality and prompt delivery in the market of Europe, Mid-east, Africa, Asia and America countries.


If you have any project about PVC pipe fitting mould, feel free to contact us. Welcome your down visit and would like to develop long term friendly cooperation with you.


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