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Sino Package Mould Co., Ltd, Chinese high mentality packaging mould company, specialized in offering customers high quality multi-cavities PET preform mould, cap mould, blowing bottle mould and medical parts mouold etc.


Annually, we made more than 120 sets of various PET preform mould, such as 5 gallon preform mould, 28mm & 38mm standard neck preform mould, wide mouth preform mould, etc.



*The maximum cavity number we make at present is 72 cavities.

*Mould base steel: DIN 1.2311 with precision grinding machine with each plate thickness tolerance 0.015mm for a plate size 500*500*40mm with HRC32.

*Mould spare parts: DIN 1.2344 in D-M-E metric dimension standard, all the moving area was inserted with durable parts which is interchangeable.

*Cavity and core steel: stavax S136 stainless steel , tempered with HRC55+/-2.

*Precision temperature controlling muti-cavities mould and even heating area for hot manifold.

*Improved the valve gate system with interchangeable and durable melt PET material sealing. Germany origin heating elements with durable heating performance are on hot runner system.

*Best water cooling system in core , cavity and neck screw inserts.


Quality Control System:

Strict dimension control for insert and mould plates.

The thickness control tolerance within 0.015mm.

The weight control tolerance with 0.10g.

The appearance must be transparent.

The neck must fitting without water leakage.


In addition, we have Dakumar Machinery Co., Ltd to offer you the injection machines. So if you want to make PET preform mould or any other related project, feel free to contact us, we can provide you the product line solution and perfect after-sale service, and can help you to develop new product and promote you to be the pioneers among your market.


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