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Sino Mould is one of the leading manufacturers of chair mould. Every year, we manufacture over 200 sets of chair mould, including arm chair mould, armless chair mould, beach chair mould and baby chair mould. And our chair mould is appreciated by our customers, for its outstanding advantages.


Chair mould belongs to the big mold. We can use P20, DIN1.2311 or better steel. Our injection way is direct gate or edge gate. We also can use hot runner to save plastic and make the gate mark disappear. We can supply customers with interchangeable insert block for different versions of chair backrest and seat. Especially, the backrest and armrest area can be changed when the chair mould on the machine.


Sino has the product design department and mould design departments. In this way, we not only can design the products according customers’ ideas, but also can make mould. The plastic chairs manufactured by our mould can be strong enough, without any flash, without any stack problem and have a good appearance.


If you need any good chair mould to improve your production benefits, there is no doubt that Sino is a good choice for you. Welcome to connect us at any time, we are willing to spare our best to help you


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