Plastic Mould|Crate mould with BeCu-Pastic Mould

Nowadays, there are lots of crates in the market, such as vegetable crate, fruit crate, bottle crate and other crate used to contain different product. Thus, the crate mould with BeCu can save the cycle time and be more competitive.


Sino Mould is a professional injection mould manufacturer, which specialized in making crate mould. Every year, Sino manufacture and export more than 1300 sets of moulds, among them 30 percent is crate moulds. As some customers have high requirements on cooling effect and cycle time, Sino often use BeCu on the mould cavity and core.


As we all know that BeCu has many good properties, such as ductile, which makes it is widely used to block the water channel, comparing with use iron to block, the mould with BeCu will have longer life. The most important property of the BeCu is the good thermal conductivity, it can cool the plastic product well and quickly. Crate mould has some parts hardly been cooled, like the handle, bottom part and so on. Sino Mould is good at welding the BeCu on the mould, and it can combine with the iron well as if they are one part originally. Besides, Sino has ability to make sure the good cooling effect of the crate mould.


Sino Mould can offer you very short cycle time crate mould with BeCu, welcome your inquiry to us.


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