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 Sino Mould is a professional bucket mould manufacturer. We export about 200 sets of plastic bucket mould, baby bucket mould is one category of the bucket mould. Baby bucket is used for giving baby a seat during bath time, so it has many special requirements.


Safe is the first point. During the injection process, Sino always chooses the healthy plastic without any terrible smell and hazardous substances. In addition, smooth surface is also the most important in making baby bucket mould. Sino baby bucket mould can be highly polished and do other surface treatment to make sure a good touch feelings. And the baby bucket needs to be very strong and stable. Even though baby jumps and hit it by something, it will not break easily.

Besides, it should be cute and colorful to attract kids’ eye and make them willing to stay in the bucket. The baby bucket made by Sino always can be used to make many colors. Sino can offer design of baby bucket according customers’ ideas and provide some professional advice for customers as well.

If you have any interests about the baby bucket mould, welcome your inquiry. We can offer you the Turnkey solution.


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