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Sino mould is located in known as “China mould town”—–Huangyanand has a good mould development and manufacturing history, is the best die production base. We have decades of mold design and production experience in plastic spoon mould. Quality control and after-sale services quality tracking system for users to sample custom mould, quality and timely delivery, reasonable prices, courteous service, customer satisfaction assured.


We have professional auxiliary computer numerical control processing center, CNC carving, high-speed machining centers, CNC lathes, EDM, such as mould finishing a full set of equipment.


Function: airline, daily, military

Cavity number:12, 24, 36, 48

Weight: standard 2.5-3.5g    coffee spoon1.5g

Cycle time: standard 11s     coffee spoon8s

Gate: 1 lip hot runner

Mould life:500,000

Mould materialsH13S136, 23442316

Mould life: more than 1 million

Material: PP, PS

Mould production period: 60 days

After-sale services: 1 year

Post-processing: nitride surface hardness greater than HV850, quenching of mould cavity overall hardness up to HRC42-45 percent.

Note: the moulds during the production process we regular provide our client side in progress.


If you are interested in our plastic spoon mould, we can provide you the suggestion of new design, advanced tooling equipments and a turnkey project.


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