Plastic lunch box mold with IML system

Nowadays, more and more people use plastic box with beautiful picture for lunch, so manufacturer in plastic lunch box field, need plastic lunch box mould with IML system to reach the customers’ requirements. Sino Mould, the professional plastic lunch box mold maker, offer you plastic molded lunch box with custom plastic lunch box molding design.


We Sino are professional for thin wall, multi-cavity high speed injection plastic lunch box mould with IML solution.

Our IML solution includes IML robot system, high speed injection machine and moulds, labels, etc.

The advantage of our plastic lunch box mold with IML system:

1. Minimum mold size design, without compromising the mould life and strength.

2.Thin wall with multi-cavity to enlarge the production.

3. Make the plastic lunch box appearance become beautiful.

4. Plastic lunch box mould with IML system is environmental-friendly.


If you want to custom plastic lunch box mold, come to Sino, we have the confidence to make you satisfied.


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