Plastic Injection Furniture Mould

We are plastic injection furniture mold manufacturer and worldwide exporter for over 2 decades. Furniture Mould is one of our companies’ main categories of product. We are professional in furniture mould including:

Chair mold, such as for armchair, armless chair, kids chair, folding chair, legless chair seat, ghost chair, gas assisted chair, etc.

Table mold, such as for round table top, rectangular table top, table with legs, table leg, etc.

Stool mold, such as for adult stool, steel leg stool seat, kids stool, folding stool, etc.

Bench/sofa mould

Cabinet mold and drawer mold

Our furniture design has 2 advantage points:

Mold design largely influences mold size. We make the mold size as small as possible, so it requires smaller machine, and saves energy.

Furniture products are large parts and have high requirements over appearance. Cooling system is very important. We design the waterline close to product surface, increase waterline number to achieve even and effective cooling.

If your furniture has special design and special requirement, we have strong innovative ability to offer you custom solution.

To make furniture products more beautiful, IML (in mold label) could be considered. Labels could be custom-made and lables using IML will be bright in color and long lasting.

Should our furniture mold be of interest to you, please let us know.

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