Pastic Plastic Pallet Injection Mould

SINO was established in 2000 years as a well-known manufacturer of injection molds.

In order to make molding more valuable, SINO insist on providing customers with high-quality services, according to the market demand.


With the development of the economy, plastic pallets are in great demand in logistics and manufacturing.

Plastic pallets have the advantages of light weight, stack ability, and low cost. So more and more customers inquire about pallet molds.


SINO company has accumulated more than 20 years of experience in pallet mold design and production, and has provided pallet molds to customers in many countries, such as Iraq, Australia, India… 

Common pallet specifications: 

1.There are many types of pallets, such as window type pallet, three skid type pallet, double deck type pallet, nine feet type pallet…

 2.There are six commonly used pallet sizes internationally, such as 1100 mm*1100 mm、1200mm *800mm、 1200 mm*1000mm、1219mm*1016mm、1140 mm*1140 mm、and 1067 mm*1067mm

Pallet Mold parameters

1.The steel material is P20 or 718H, and the mold life is 300,000-500,000 shots. Under the normal maintenance and working, the mould life will be longer.

2.According to the size of the pallet, the molding cycle of the pallet is generally about 1.5 minutes to 3 minutes.

3.Pallet molds often use multi-point tips hot runners or valves gate for better injection molding and shorten the molding cycle time.


The quality of pallet molds and pallets is also the customer's concern. 

For molds, our company will inspect each processed mold plate to ensure that the size is qualified. 

The mold will also be produced for 24 hours before shipment to ensure normal operation. 

For pallet products, our company conducts static load, dynamic load, drop, and stack tests according to customer requirements.

SINO can make pallet molds for customers according to the needs of different customers.

If you need the service of pallet mould, welcome to contact us to learn more.

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