Extrusion process and characteristics of cold extrusion hydraulic press

Extrusion is a highly efficient and compact forming process in metal pressure processing. Extrusion is…

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What is a bollard?

A bollard is a short post designed to guide traffic and protect from vehicle intrusions….

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Digital Control Amplifier of Electro-hydraulic Specific Gravity Directional Throttle Valve

Introduction The   electro-hydraulic proportional directional throttle valve is composed of a valve body (mechanical structure)…

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Harm and Treatment of Condenser Copper Pipe Scale

1. After scale is formed on the inner wall of the copper tube of the…

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Custom stainless Steel deep drawing parts

Deep Drawing parts We are worldwide manufacturer of custom stainless Steel deep drawing parts,precision stampings,…

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Development Trend Of Automobile Casting And Casting Technology

Development Trend of Automobile casting and Casting Technology Casting is one of the oldest metal…

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PET Preform And Bottle Production

In our daily life, we can see mineral water bottles, drinks bottles and other bottles anywhere….

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The classification and principle of laser engraving machine Upload to:09-09 2021

The laser engraving machine has high processing efficiency, smooth processing edges, and a wide range…

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How to cut cost at injection molding plant

Cost saving methods The financing and costing of projects take the greatest contribution to profitability….

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TSMC makes a major breakthrough in 3nm, with an estimated production capacity of 600,000 pieces per month

TSMC, the leading wafer foundry, held a low-key ceremony for the new construction of the…

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