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NICE Rapid is a leading and fast-moving company in rapid tooling, prototyping and low-volume manufacturing industry. We have many customers from USA, UK, AU, Middle East, South America, South Asia etc. Our main services include rapid tooling of aluminium and steel moulds, rapid injection moulding, rapid die casting and rapid cnc machining. NICE offers a wide variety of rapid tooling and low volume manufacturing services.

Today, let’s see one week inquiries which clients left at our official website –

Name Title Message Date Email
Sarah MXXXXn Silicone bracelet I’m looking to have customised silicone bracelets produced. Does your company to silicone moulding? 2018-01-16 06:31:40 [email protected]
Jaco Plastic CNC Hi, We would like to have the attached two components manufactured out of a hard plastic. These plastic components will be used as molds. Could you suggest a plastic for manufacturing too. 2018-01-15 22:19:04 [email protected]
Chris FXXXXni Sensor Flange Material- Aluminum Quantity – 10 or 100 (quote for each) Nickle Plated (if available) 2018-01-15 21:42:57 [email protected]
Carl MXXX PCB Enclosure Hi, Could you please get me a quote for the attached file? Thank you 2018-01-12 01:41:18 [email protected]
Tobias TXXXXXn Intake Manifold Hello To compare a couple of companies I would like to get a run-quote on the pice attached. There will be this pice and a mirror of it, so the quote should show both the price of a single piece and the set, along with the price of the continued run. Production will be in sets, we hope to make a couple of sets, depending on demand. 2018-01-11 09:34:14 [email protected]
Tim VXXXX Hub MM .375 CNC machined aluminum detail. Please quote price for 1 piece and price for 9 pieces. Thanks! 2018-01-10 22:37:18 [email protected]
Morven SXXXXw Tray and Post Parts Dear Sir/Madam, Please can you quote on the two parts send in the zip file. These are a tray and crotch post for use with a highchair. We are prototyping a batch run and require 50-100 parts . If the product goes into mass production we would require 10,000 per year. The material is HPDE. The surface finish of the part should be easily cleanable but not shiny. This is currently specified as SPI B1 – B2, but we would take you advice on this to achieve a nice surface without shine. I understand that the two quantities requires would probably be two different tools , so please can you quote for a low volume tools and a higher volume tools with corresponding part costs please. Kind Regards Morven Sxxxxxx 2018-01-9 10:57:08 [email protected]
Warren Hxxxxxn Bombay Saphire Egg Hello Please see design attached We are looking for a supplier that would be able to produce 2000 units of a Easter Egg that fits a bottle of Bombay Sapphire Gin ( to be used as a gift pack – on shelf ) Would your company be able to produce something like this for us ? All good things Waz 2018-01-9 07:40:34 [email protected]
Maroxxx ben hxxxxx Injection moulds inquiry Hello we are a manufacturer of PVC,PPR pipes and fittings. I’m currently looking to produce some new molds for our injection machine. Can i know please if you’re able to produce PVC injection machine mold ? 2018-01-8 02:15:39 [email protected]

Author: Chris Na