New Look, New Job!

Not only is Selina helping to roll-out the new branding and company name, she also has a new job! Yes, our lovely Selina has moved from the sales floor to the marketing department and is now a marketing assistant, in charge of our social media accounts, advertising and other general marketing excitement.

Steven has already found lots for her to do and she is currently learning how to use her shiny new MacBook that has replaced her trusty PC, so is already half way to being a seasoned marketing professional already! Selina’s first job, as well as handling the roll-out of the new company name and logo, is to ensure that we are as well represented on LinkedIn and other social networking websites as possible, to give us maximum exposure to our prospective customers, but also to provide you with another way of reaching us for order and customer service enquiries. It is very important for us to know you can get in contact with us when you need to and social media is now a very important way in which we can respond quickly to your questions.

New Look, New Job!

Selina is also now in charge of our Customer Service Department and this is hopefully going to have a big impact on how our customers perceive our company, as well as improving our response time in answering any questions or queries any of you may have. On top of this, Selina is not only a native Chinese speaker, but is also fluent in English and so she will be your first point of call if you ever require any assistance in either language. Centralising the Customer Service Department in this way ensures that queries will not be lost in the system and all customers will always have one point of contact, who will be able to help them from wherever in the world they are calling.

Well done, Selina and we wish you the best of luck in your new job!

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Author: Fymicohuang