New Carton Erection Testing Capability for the Packaging Industry

Lloyd Instruments has announced the availability of a new materials testing fixture, which allows measurement of the force required for carton erection from flat, folded carton blanks. These measurements can be used to help set up operating conditions for automatic carton erection machines. Since many cartons are rectangular in shape when erected, they have two long and two short sides. The new jig has been designed with V-shaped grooved rollers, which retain grip on the box yet allow the box axis to rotate as it opens.

The new jig has been designed for compression testing using the low force (1 kN (225 lbf)) LFPlus single column universal materials testing machine. It can also be fitted on other Lloyd Instruments test machines, when using an appropriate force load cell. It is suitable for use with a wide range of carton blanks for consumer products, including boxes for ‘ready meals’, toothpaste and teabags, as well as carton blanks for cosmetic and pharmaceutical packaging.

Testing can be fully automated using the powerful NEXYGENPlus materials test and analysis software.

The introduction of the new fixture extends the range of materials test solutions for paper and paper board offered by Lloyd Instruments. These include: tensile breaking strength for wet and dry paper, tensile energy absorption, bending stiffness, tear strength, tear resistance, folding endurance strength, paper stretch, burst strength and friction to TAPPI standards.

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