mop bucket mould manufacturer


Mop bucket is one of the widely used home appliance product,we have made some sets of mop bucket moulds. Mop bucket including three parts: Main bucket, wringer, handle.

Main bucket mould:

For the bucket, the most common seen is 10L,15L,general using one tip hot runner as injection way from the bottom of the bucket. Products along the mouth regard as the parting surface. In addition, should also consider the draft angle, in order to avoid ejection firm on the cavity. Ejection way adopt air blowing + stripper plate, avoid product deformation.

Wringer mould,

Injection in opposite position guarantee product surface beauty and no injection point. Cooling design very closed to part molding surface, reduce the cycle time.

Handle mould,

General is 2 or 4 cavities, injection position should keep way from mobile location, different configuration will appear different parting line,we will design according to your requirement. Cooling runner will be 10mm close to product surface.

If you’re interested in mop bucket project mould,pls kindly contact with me.


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