Monero founder arrested, faces 20 years in prison

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U.S. authorities have arrested prominent Monero founder Riccardo Spagni, who allegedly fled to the country to escape domestic fraud charges, which could land him up to 20 years in prison.

Known in tech circles by the alias “Fluffypony”, Spagni is the founder and former chief maintenance officer of Monero, although Spagni is focusing on Monero’s He stepped down from day-to-day leadership in 2019 after five years on the project, but he remains the public representative for Monero and is often responsible for coordinating Monero news and public-facing information.

He was arrested on July 20 en route from New York to Mexico and is currently in the custody of the U.S. Marshals Service. Following the arrest, he may be extradited to South Africa to face fraud charges unrelated to cryptocurrencies.

On August 3, local time, Spani’s wife, Saskia Spani, tweeted a message on behalf of her husband, saying that the arrest stemmed from a “misunderstanding” in the “court date setting.”

According to US court documents, Spagni is accused of defrauding his former employer Cape Cookies of R1.4 million (615,000 yuan) using forged invoices between October 2009 and June 2011. He was the group’s IT manager at the time.

The case against him appears to have to start in 2012. Court documents did not say why the trial took so long. While he initially pleaded not guilty to fraud charges, he later failed to appear in court. “South African authorities attempted to locate Spagni at his home address through contact with his friends and family, but to no avail. Further investigation revealed that Spagni had fled South Africa,” the document said. South Africa issued an arrest warrant in late April after he did not show up. Once it was confirmed that Spaney had fled to the United States, South African authorities approached their American counterparts for his provisional arrest pending an extradition hearing.

Take a private jet to Mexico

Spaney was arrested on July 20 when his New York-chartered private jet stopped for fuel in Nashville, Tennessee, and the jet was due to fly to Los Cabos, Mexico. The South African was detained “without incident” when he got off the plane, according to court documents.

He was denied bail ahead of his extradition hearing because he was a flight risk, the state said.

“Spagni has a history of absenteeism and evasion of justice. He has not appeared before the Cape Town District Court on the matters on which the immediate request is based. Furthermore, as he has avoided returning to the relevant courts in South Africa, this court has reason to speculate He will continue to try to escape justice.”

U.S. authorities further said that if convicted in South Africa, Spagni could face up to 20 years in prison, which would only increase the risk of his flight. He was also accused of possessing “significant crypto assets that would allow him to flee.”

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