M&H Group Now Part of Hexagon AB

Effective July 1, 2008, Hexagon AB owns all shares of the M&H Group, which consists of the three German companies M&H Inprocess Messtechnik GmbH, M&H Inprocess International Trading GmbH, and M&H Inspect GmbH. By agreeing to the acquisition, the group’s previous owners have set a course for further strong growth and ensured a safe future for the company.

Wolfgang Madlener and Wilfried Veil remain as managing directors of M&H. The development and production location in Waldburg will be not only preserved but extended. Sales activities in Germany will be conducted directly from Waldburg from now on.

Since its foundation in 1991, M&H has launched many innovative products for workpiece and tool measurement on the machine tool. The company’s consistent multidigit growth through the intervening years gives testimony to the success of its business. Today, M&H employs 55 people. Its 2007 turnover of €9.6 million continued a sustained upward trend.

The demands of a global market and coordination with the sales activities of machine manufacturers have required of M&H a global presence, something a midsize enterprise such as M&H can achieve only with the uttermost effort. The Hexagon Group, operating worldwide with some 8,000 employees and serving many of the same customers as M&H, offers the smaller company an ideal platform for worldwide sales and service and future growth.

Hexagon reports high growth each year and today ranks among the technology leaders in its line of business, particularly measuring machine technology. Thus, this acquisition provides the complement the company has been searching for in the machine sector.

M&H will continue to develop, manufacture, and distribute touch probes, software, and measuring systems to be used on German-made machine tools. Its development department will be able to draw on Hexagon’s research, resources, and components. Vice versa, Hexagon expects to profit from machine-related know-how and innovations offered by M&H.

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