Method for reducing non-metallic inclusions in continuous casting slab

There are non-metallic inclusions in the steel. It will destroy the continuity and compactness of the steel, which is very harmful to the performance of the steel. In order to improve the quality of steel, it is required to produce the steel as clean as possible. However, it is very difficult to produce steel without inclusions. The only thing to do is to minimize the contamination of molten steel by inclusions during the production process and to clean the steel. In order to reduce the inclusions in the cast slab, the most fundamental way is to minimize the contamination of the molten steel by foreign inclusions, and the other is to try to promote the discharge of the inclusions in the molten steel to purify the molten steel. Therefore, the following measures must be taken before the molten steel enters the mold from the furnace: control the deoxidation operation during tapping; use slag blocking operation during tapping to prevent slagging from the ladle; use protective pouring to prevent secondary oxidation; use ladle treatment Or the new technology of refining outside the furnace; use the tundish of the large-capacity deep melting pool to promote the floating of the inclusions; use the protective slag with suitable performance; use the immersion nozzle with the appropriate shape; use high-quality refractory materials; Clean up and so on. Only in this way can the non-metallic inclusions in the continuous casting slab be reduced.

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