Medical breathing machine tube silicone loop tube for breathing machine

Ventilator can increase the amount of lung ventilation, and reduce the consumption of breathing work. Ventilators are often used to treat patients with more complicated or severe conditions. So what is the scope of the ventilator circuit tubing, and what are its structural characteristics?

  Medical breathing machine tube silicone loop tube for breathing machine

Scope of application:

The product is designed for clinical use. It is equipped with anesthesia machine and ventilator to establish respiratory connection channels for patients.

Structure and composition:

Ventilator can be divided into basic configuration and selection configuration. The basic configuration consists of adapter, y-shaped connector, pipe connection and machine end connection. Ventilator can also be equipped with a breathing bag, mask, water cup, thread extension pipe, connection joint composition.. 

Ventilator features:

  1. ventilator circuit tubing is used with anesthesia machine, ventilator, tidal converter and sprayer to transport gas.
  2. Injection molding L joints and tee joint, smooth appearance, with 15 mm and 22 mm Φ Φ interface, and other standard Φ 15 mm and 22 mm Φ interfaces are closely linked.
  3. ventilator circuit tubing can be divided into adult use, child use and reinforcement.
  4. The strengthening tube has strong pressure resistance, good softness and strong anti-aging ability.

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