Maintenance of PET Injection Molding Machine

PET injection molding machine is one of the commonly used equipment in plastic processing industry.We can provide with the PET injection molding production line – Custom Design Injection Molding Line Set Up.

Usually it works for a long time, and the molding cycle time is short. Regular preventive maintenance is an effective way to ensure the normal and stable operation of the injectors in continuous production.


1. Hydraulic Part


1) Hydraulic Pressure Oil Mass

A shortage of oil will result in an increase in the temperature of the oil and an easy dissolution of air into the oil, which will affect the normal operation of the oil and hydraulic system.

Therefore, the daily should pay attention to check whether there is leakage of parts, early replacement of worn seals, tighten loose joints, etc., after maintenance to check the amount of oil tank, timely supply.


2) Hydraulic Oil Temp

The ideal working temperature of the hydraulic system is between 45℃ and 50℃. Too high temperature will accelerate the aging of seals and make them hardened and broken. If the temperature is too low, the processing energy consumption will be large and the running speed will be reduced.


3) Hydraulic Oil Quality

One of the important properties of hydraulic oil is its chemical stability. It is absolutely necessary to use suitable hydraulic oil (46# wear-resistant hydraulic oil is recommended for DKM PET injection molding machine) and to regularly check the oxidation degree of the hydraulic oil (judging from the color of the oil) and cleanliness after a certain number of working hours.


4) Oil Filter Cleaning

Oil filter plays the role of cleaning hydraulic oil, so the oil filter should be cleaned every six months to keep the oil pump suction pipe unimpeded, and check whether the oil filter is damaged.


5) Cooler Cleaning

Coolers should be cleaned once a year. Clogging or scaling inside the cooler will affect the cooling efficiency. The cooling water should be soft (no minerals).


2. Electrical Part


1) Check the position and tightness of the wire joint regularly


2) Electric Motor

General motors are air-cooled, dust accumulation will cause heat dissipation difficulties, so it is important to do regular cleaning every year.


3) Material Tube Heating Ring and Thermocouple

The heating ring of the material tube shall be checked regularly for fastening to ensure effective heat transfer.


4) SSR

It is common that the internal contact point of the controller is burnt out, resulting in temperature instability or temperature control failure. As it is made in the sealed mode, there is no possibility of maintenance after damage, so it needs to be replaced, so spare parts need to be stored


5) Computer Control Section

In order to ensure that the fan used for ventilation and heat dissipation in the computer control works normally. Try to reduce the influence of external vibration on the computer control, and control the cleanliness and dryness of the box. Problems in these areas should be resolved and checked regularly.


The above describes the maintenance knowledge of the PET injection molding machine through the two aspects of the hydraulic part and the electrical part. Under proper maintenance operation, the machine can run smoothly, the injection molding effect will be better, and the value of the machine will be maximized.

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