Laser sheet metal processing

Sheet metal bent sheet metal with a light weight, high strength, electrical conductivity (can be used for electromagnetic shielding), performance characteristics such as low cost, mass production, has always been in the metal manufacturing industry an important component. Currently in electronic and electrical appliances, communications, automotive, medical equipment and other fields has been widely applied in computer chassis, such as mobile phones, MP3, sheet metal is an essential component. Widely used as sheet metal, sheet metal design became an important part of the product development process, mechanical engineer must be familiar sheetmetal design skills, makes the design of sheet metal to meet requirements such as functionality and appearance of the product, but also makes the process simple and low cost.
Sheet metal processing sheet metal technician is needed to master key technologies, and important processes of sheet metal products. It includes both the traditional cutting of the material, such as punching, bending and forming method, and process parameters, and includes a variety of cold stamping die structural and process parameters, equipment working principles and methods of operation, also includes new stamping techniques and new technology.
Sheet metal processing sheet metal processing. Produced by plates such as chimneys, drums, oil pot head size, ventilation pipes, elbows, round, funnel-shaped, main process is to cut, bend, buckle, bending, welding, riveting, and so on, requires a certain knowledge of geometry. Is sheet metal sheet metal parts, which can be done by stamping, bending, stretching and other means to the part, a general definition is in the process of constant thickness parts. Corresponding castings, forgings and castings, machined parts, and so on.
Surface treatment of sheet metal is gold-plating process is an important element, because it prevents parts rust, enhancing the appearance of the product, and so on. Sheet metal surface pre-treatment's role is mainly to oil, oxidation, rust, getting ready for the surface treatment, which mainly spray (baked) paint, spray and rust-proof plating layer and so on.
With China's rapid economic development in recent years, sheet metal processing industry is also booming in China, compared with the advanced sheet metal processing model, however, because China's sheet metal processing started later so there are still some technical problems.
Because manufacturing involved in all aspects of manufacturing of sheet metal, are much wider, sheet metal processing between different enterprise models also vary, however with a high degree of automation and information technology in foreign countries compared to the sheet metal processing modes, modes and technologies of sheet metal processing in China are still very backward.
Sheet metal processing model in Western developed countries adopted a closed-loop control of automated production, running this automated production technology more accessible to the whole line of maintenance, but also greatly improve the safety and reliability of the whole line, advanced information management technology is to enhance the management of sheet metal manufacturing. At present, the United States Asia Japan and other developed countries in the process of sheet metal processing is in this mode.
In recent years, the booming hardware manufacturing industry, sheet metal processing has also taking advantage of unprecedented opportunities for development, 2009 National sheet metal processing industry output has reached 420 billion yuan. Sheet metal industry is one of the most important applications of laser processing market, the booming market for laser machining (laser OEM) of machine tools in the sheet metal industry scale provides a wide space.
· Advantages of laser processing technology is processing without tooling, using laser blanking can save a great deal of use, reduce the production time and costs by reducing, better take advantage in the market, very beneficial to many small-batch production, and after a high volume of production.Previous: Composition of the NC machine toolNext: The characteristics and advantages of laser processing technology

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