Large five-axis linkage processing car wheel technology

When the large five-axis linkage machining of the automobile hub, the two rotating shafts can be well processed, and the machining according to the structure of the hub is analyzed. If the structure allows, it can be processed directly on the five axes. If the structure is not allowed, the lathe will be assisted by five-axis machining. If the lathe is well reworked, we first consider a reasonable clamping method and then use the five rotating shafts of the five shafts to first set up the hub and then process the parts one by one. We can first divide it into four parts and process one quarter first. Then process another three-quarters in turn, or you can turn the wheel directly into the same processing as in a lathe. In terms of using the knife, we first use a good knife to ensure the smoothness of the entire wheel, and then pay attention to the precision control when processing. Because the accuracy of the car wheel is relatively high.
The wheel hub of the car is round, so it is especially suitable for five-axis linkage machining. The five-axis is also advantageous in processing. When processing, it can ensure the concentricity and accuracy of the car hub. The efficiency is also high. Firstly, the number of clamping is small when the five-axis machining is performed. The error in the processing of the workpiece is reduced, and basically it is not difficult to meet the situation, and the processing is smoother. When taking some arc surfaces, the five-axis machine is superior to the clearing angle. Because the angle can be adjusted to find the best cutting environment for the workpiece, the five-axis special is used when machining the entire wheel of the automobile. It is suitable for the angle of the light knife and the length of the tool does not need to be too long. It can well play the best cutting state of the tool, and can also reduce the reason why the tool is too long to cause the knife to cut or the processing effect is not ideal.
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