Kaseya company hit by ransomware may affect 200 companies worldwide

Kaseya company hit by ransomware may affect 200 companies worldwide

Supply chain attacks are the nightmare of all businesses, and hackers recently compromised IT systems management company Kaseya, using the company’s VSA product to infect users and then target them with ransomware. Among the victims was Swedish grocery chain Coop, one of Kaseya’s customers, which has now closed 500 of Coop’s stores.

Information security firm Huntress said at least 200 businesses were affected. But Kaseya initially assessed 40 customers globally to be infected and said it had notified those businesses to immediately shut down its VSA data management and remote monitoring services.

“We are experiencing the threat of a potential attack on VSA, which as of now has been limited to a small number of on-premise customers. We are investigating the root cause of the incident very carefully and advise users to shut down the VSA server immediately until further notice from us. ” Kaseya said in an announcement on Friday.

Attackers appear to have gained access to Kaseya’s servers and planted copies of the REvil ransomware in a customer software update released Friday. As a precaution, Kaseya has taken its software-as-a-service platform offline.

“Our cybersecurity experts told us that customers who have encountered ransomware and received information from the attackers should not click on any links – they may be a security threat,” Kaseya also advised.

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Author: Yoyokuo