It is very important to neutralize high-sulfur fuels in all diesel engines


AIP Use Classification The American Petroleum Institute (AIP) has established a method to classify lubricant performance for different types of engines and different types of use. Each performance classification is verified through engine experiments. Sulfate ash and total alkali number sulfate ash are a kind of lubricant performance measured by laboratory experiment (ASTM-D874) to determine the potential of forming metal ash. Residual ash is related to the composition of engine oil additives, which is of great significance for predicting that the lubricant may cause valve damage under certain conditions. Sulfate ash is related to total alkali number. BTN is also a laboratory experimental value (AsTM-D28% or 4738), which measures the alkalinity of engine oil and the ability to neutralize acids. When the TBN increases, the sulfate ash also increases, and the BTN of the lubricant exceeds 10, and the sulfate ash may also exceed 1.0% by mass. The total base number is important to control the deposition of four-stroke engines and to neutralize high-sulfur fuels in all diesel engines.

During the use of the oil change cycle, the engine oil is deteriorated by combustion products and engine pollution. Certain components in the lubricant and additives are slowly reduced during use until they are exhausted. Therefore, regardless of the oil formulation, the oil must be drained regularly. The length of the oil change interval varies with the operating conditions of the engine, the quality of the fuel and the quality of the lubricant. Under normal circumstances, shorten the oil replacement period and prolong the life of the engine by quickly replenishing the protection quality in the lubricant. When changing the oil, be sure to install a new engine oil filter. A simple copper wire mesh cannot be used to replace the imported filter, otherwise it will cause great damage to the engine.

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