Is Silicon brittle or malleable?

Why does silicone become “brittle”?

In life, some silicone products in the use of the process are easy to become brittle, brittle silicone products can no longer be used, so many people feel a headache.

In fact, the root cause of the brittle silicone products is the nature of the silicone material, after the silicone products reach a hardness of 60 degrees or more. Its resistance to tearing and elasticity, etc. will plummet, resulting in silicone products become brittle! So if you want silicone products to become less brittle, find a way to make them below 60 degrees hardness. Of course, there are some technical production process can affect the factors of silicone brittle.

The following is to say that the production of silicone products will be heated to a certain temperature during the production process, but if the temperature control is not good or heating time is too long, will lead to brittle silicone products, in addition, in the use and storage process, can not maintain good ventilation, or secondary vulcanization for too long will also lead to this phenomenon, and the most important is the silicone products themselves material problems, if the material is not good, can not reach the tear strength, so the silicone products will become very fragile.

In addition to these, silicone products become brittle with the design of the mold also has a relationship, if the mold design is unreasonable or the production structure of which is unreasonable, this may lead to silicone products, in the production process of fracture mold, if this phenomenon really occurs, the production of silicone products will naturally become brittle, so before the production process, we must try to improve the processing of mold structure.

This is one of the main reasons that lead to brittle silicone products, in addition in the process of use, if the ambient temperature is too low, or use for too long, has been the aging phenomenon, will also lead to brittle silicone products, so for silicone products, after a period of time in the use of the product aging should be replaced in a timely manner.

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