Intel Builds Partner Alliance to Accelerate Innovation with Industry

October 18, 2019 – Intel today disclosed more details about the latest Intel® Partner Alliance program and launched the Intel Partner University training platform to help partners connect, innovate and grow. Launched in the second half of 2020, the Intel Partner Alliance will unify Intel’s multiple partner programs and infrastructure under one system, creating a complete, modern, and customized platform to accelerate innovation at scale. This unified program is designed to enhance value and experience for Intel partners and enable closer collaboration.

“The proliferation of cloud and edge computing, the rollout of 5G, and advances in artificial intelligence and analytics have driven a dramatic shift in how businesses operate and serve customers. Intel is investing heavily in helping our partners take full advantage of these data-driven technologies. Opportunities at the center to continue to grow and expand the business.”

–Eric Thompson, General Manager, Intel Global Partner Development Strategy

Why the Intel Partner Alliance is important: Intel recognizes that solutions that address data-centric growth opportunities are becoming more complex and require a higher level of ecosystem collaboration. With the launch of the Intel Partner Alliance, each member can discover new value, such as “intelligent business matchmaking” that will help them connect with partners for solutions tailored to their business needs. The program integrates partner programs and partner roles to help foster collaboration and create advanced solutions that ultimately enable growth.

Benefits of the Intel Partner Alliance Program include:

An expanding range of partner types to address various needs, such as cloud service providers, solution integrators and software providers.

Greater focus on solutions and partner collaboration.

Improve training curricula to incorporate dedicated learning paths

Consolidated into a unified project that delivers new value and an enhanced, streamlined experience. What’s included in the new Intel® Partner University for Smart Edge: Driving innovative data-centric solutions requires knowledgeable partners, especially those with expertise in key advanced technology areas. Intel® Partner Universities will be a key capability “supporting growth through new initiatives.” Launched ahead of the Intel Partner Alliance, the new training platform offers cutting-edge courses for Intel products with dedicated learning paths and course recommendations.

Intel Partner Universities offer a variety of digital training formats, including live and on-demand training. Key advantages include:

Personalized Course Recommendations: Intel® Partner Universities offer relevant courses tailored to the user’s topics of interest and other previous training.

Competency training and badges: Competency training is a program that enables partners to develop expertise in a desired area. Partners can earn digital badges upon completion of competency training, helping clients gain “professional” status with additional training.

Enhanced User Experience: The streamlined design of Intel® Partner Universities makes navigating courses simple and intuitive. Optimized for mobile terminals, the platform offers a variety of digital training formats, including live and on-demand training that can be accessed anytime, anywhere.

Uniqueness of these programs: The Intel® Partner Alliance will connect the unrivaled Intel partner ecosystem with system manufacturers, integrators, solution providers, OEMs, resellers, retailers in 170 countries and regions around the world A global network of vendors, FPGA designers, and distributors is connected. Intel® Partner University is one of the most in-depth partner training programs in the world, offering over 200 hours of online training in multiple languages.

Next Steps: Intel recognizes that partners must collaborate with industry peers to deliver increasingly complex end-to-end solutions, so Intel is launching the Intel® Solutions Marketplace, an innovative platform that will be used throughout Intel’s global Facilitate real-time collaboration with experts within the ecosystem. The Intel Solutions Market is expected to be released in November 2019.

More background information: Intel Partner Alliance Empowers Partners to Accelerate Connectivity, Innovation, and Growth (Link to Microsite)

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Author: Yoyokuo