Infrared thermometer shows furnace status

Infrared thermometer shows furnace status

A portable infrared thermometer for checking furnaces shows four simultaneous live temperature measurements 450 to 1400 deg C – peak, continuous, average and valley

Land Instruments International has updated its dedicated Cyclops FurnacePro portable infrared thermometer – Cyclops 390B – for measuring temperatures in gas and oil fired furnaces. The device now has a bright, back-lit external display panel, which uses an icon-driven, language-independent menu system that is easily navigated using key pad controls.

It shows the status and configuration of the thermometer together with four simultaneous live temperature measurements – peak, continuous, average and valley – within the range 450 to 1400 deg C.

The user can select the measurement to be taken, which is also displayed in the viewfinder.

The Cyclops 390B has bluetooth wireless technology as well as wired RS232 communications, so measurement data can be stored on the optional DL-1000 data logger, or on a Bluetooth-enabled iPAQ, PC or laptop.

All aspects of the ‘fourth-generation’ Cyclops 390B use the best of current technology.

One key feature that remains unchanged is the carefully chosen operating waveband, which minimises the reflection errors that can produce inaccurate temperature readings in less sophisticated instruments.

Established applications for the Cyclops 390B FurnacePro include checking tube temperatures in petrochemical tube furnaces, and stock temperatures in the preheat and heating zones of steel reheat furnaces

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