Inadequacies in CNC machining field in China

With the obvious advantages of CNC lathe processing, China's CNC lathes have developed rapidly in recent years under the impetus of high demand, but there is still a certain gap with foreign brand lathes. This is mainly due to the late start of R&D and production of CNC lathes in China, which has long relied on imports and is at a disadvantage in competition with foreign lathes.
The current shortcomings of China's CNC lathes are:
1. The core technology of lathe is backward and the capacity for independent innovation is insufficient;
2, lathe processing accuracy needs to be improved;
3. Lack of advanced technical talents;
4. Low-cost investment in high-end lathes.
The shortage of CNC lathes hinders the progress of China's lathe industry. It needs to be highly valued, rationally adjust the development policy, and improve the technical strength of lathes.
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