IML solution In-Mold-Labeling

In-mold-Labeling(IML solution) is a cost effective process of decorating injection molded. In-mold-labeling(IML solution) is generally used for thin-wall and light weighted packaging products. Now it is widely used for durable goods like commodity products.

What is in-mold-labeling? It is a process of inserting a precut label into the mold prior to injecting plastic material. Because of special material, the label bonds to the surface of the molded part that can not be teared up.

Some may wonder why in-mold-labeling(IML solution) so popular? What’s the advantage?
Delicate product appearance
Secure and highly durable
Fade resistance of information on the label
Easily automatic manufacturing
Short cycle time enhances output
Very low scrap rate


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