Huangyan Mould Capital

Mother of industry — mould drives the development of various industries. Mould manufacturing is the pillar industry of Huangyan. Huangyan mould industry started from the 1950s and has become one of the main gathering areas of China’s mould industry. In the future, We will try its best to build a hundred billion mould industry cluster and promote high-quality development.

Nowadays, it is an era of high quality development of industry. Huangyan mould people are trying their best to promote the high quality development of die and mould industry.In Huangyan mould, it mainly serves automobiles, household appliances, motorcycles, electric vehicles, building materials, pipe fittings, flexible packaging, daily use, industrial supplies and so on. According to the analysis of process and object, Huangyan mould mainly includes punching progressive mould, SMC/BMC composite material mould, carbon fiber mould, film extrusion mould and thin-wall packaging Mould, blister mould, etc.

A large number of high-end CNC equipment is the cornerstone of the development of the Huangyan mould industry, Huangyan is one of the most complete mould processing equipment resources in the has over one hundred 5-axis CNC machines and Thousands of high-speed numerical control machines(including five-axis deep hole drill, electric spark machine, high-speed carving machine, etc.) is a professional web about mould trade, you can find mould company and Plastic Machinery Manufactures on our web. In addition, we share various mold technologies and provide many solutions to products in china.

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