How to use the kinds of Cutting tools for CNC machining ?

The use of tools also helps increase spindle speeds, high-speed feeds, and hard part milling, and expands opportunities for dry cutting. 
The design of these tools is simpler, and the work required for adjustment and maintenance is very little. The cutter body is rigid in texture and precise in size. It is machined from pre-hardened steel to ensure that the blade is accurately and firmly installed on the milling cutter body. The appropriate tooth pitch can be selected according to different applications.
The new milling tools use insert materials and geometries developed for specific data or processes. The functions and results of the new milling tools equipped with these inserts are far superior to ISO or ANS standard tools and inserts. 
Compared to most standard inserts, modern new inserts and tools can provide larger positive rake angles and more complex geometries, which reduces cutting forces and creates a synergistic effect of faster and more stable metal removal.
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