How To Use And Maintain Screws Without Rust

Abstract: there are many commonly used screw materials in industry, about two kinds, one is carbon steel, the other is stainless steel. Carbon steel can be divided into low carbon steel, medium carbon steel and high carbon steel. The most common way to prevent steel corrosion is to apply heavy-duty anti-corrosion coating on its surface. The corrosion-resistant coating can cut off the electrical connection between it and corrosive medium. Stainless steel screws are not easy to rust, but if they are not used and stored properly, they will rust. Let's introduce in detail how to prevent screws from rusting. Let's have a look.

Use and maintenance skills of screws

1. Screw rinsing is a very important step. No residue should be left on the surface.

2. The storage of screws should comply with the regulations.

3. There will be a layer of white articles on the surface of high-strength screws, which should be carefully checked during operation.

4. When blackening occurs on the surface, it should be treated before use, and no impurities should be left on the surface.

5. If parts rust during rinsing, rinse water should be replaced in time.

6. In the use of screws must be in accordance with the requirements of operation, not too hard, in order to avoid sliding wire and other problems.

How to keep screws from rusting

1. Clean. If we store this kind of screw in the case of serious dust accumulation in the cabinet, or some substances that are not conducive to the storage of screws, then the screw will appear rust, even some brittle corrosion in the process of storage. Therefore, clean and spotless is the best way to protect the screw, which is necessary for storage.

2. Drying. It is understood that if there is strong moisture in the storage of screws, or the gas is not conducive to the safe storage of the screw material, then the screw will appear some material connection status that can not work, or even can not be realized. Therefore, when we store the screws, we must pay attention to the dryness of the occasion, without moisture or other chemical gases.

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