How to realize the rapid and efficient production of five-axis linkage processing hand model

The hand model is made according to the high precision standard of the processing industry, so it is necessary to achieve high quality in terms of quality, but how to realize the rapid and efficient production of the five-axis linkage processing model. First, we use a five-axis linkage to process the hand. First, we choose the most suitable clamping method for processing. The reasonable clamping method can also improve the efficiency during production. The clamping method is as simple and convenient as possible. Then, when the condition is allowed to open, if the conditions allow us to use the rough skin knife to open the rough and then call the programmer to change the normal knife amount of the rough knife to the processing, it can save a lot of time. Secondly, we have to The parameters of the tool are well understood, and reasonable parameters during processing can solve a lot of troubles.
The tool of Zhongguang can slightly increase the feed as long as it is processed, because the Zhongguang tool only clears the scrap and the margin. As long as the knife can be properly processed without the knife, we first choose to use New knives to process, try to ensure that the product's finish meets the requirements, because the best way to process a workpiece is to look at the effect of the glare, so we first choose a new knive to ensure that the tool is ok and then set the parameters. . When the finishing knife starts processing, we first look at what it is like to go first. If it doesn't work, reset the parameters or change the tool until the finished finish is satisfactory. When processing the precision of the fine hole, the knife should be placed and then the measurement should be carefully ensured that the tolerance is accurate. It is guaranteed that the product is a good product. Lemo  has a professional technical team and advanced equipment for the large aluminum alloy cavity. Large precision aluminum alloy parts have professional and fast solutions. The company has 4 sets of five-axis machines and a large number of four-axis machines. Welcome to technical exchange or business cooperation!

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