How To Quote for Stainless Steel Rapid Prototyping?

Stainless steel itself has high strength, high hardness, and is not easy to be corroded. So many customers choose to make stainless steel rapid prototyping. So, when customers want to make stainless steel products, how do we quote to customers? There are several aspects: 


According to the structure and size of the part: The stainless-steel products with complicated structure is difficult to be made. And it has high requirements, the processing cost will be much higher. If the overall size of the workpiece is large or the appearance is curved, the processing cost will also increase. 


Depending on the hardness of the material, like stainless steel, the hardness of the material is high, and a hardened tool with tungsten steel is required, so the cost is higher than common material. Like aluminum alloy, the hardness of the material is relatively soft, and ordinary props can be used, the cost is relatively lower.


According to the precision and surface roughness of parts: When the general tolerance requirements are relatively high, the processing difficulty is relatively high, and the cost is relatively high as well. And the price of different surface treatments is not the same. Some surface treatments are easy to be made and the cost is low; when some surface treatments are more complex and require manual assistance, the cost will be relatively high. 


Regarding to quote for stainless steel prototypes, we evaluate the prices based on the above four situations. If you are interested in stainless steel rapid prototyping, please contact us at [email protected] for a quote!

Author: Yoyokuo