How to plan the production and design standards of precision stamping parts?

How to plan the production and design standards of Changzhou precision stamping parts?

In the production process of Changzhou precision stamping parts, there are often cases of crushing or scratching of precision stamping parts, or when customers come to the workshop to find that the workshop is untidy, etc., this may lead to the loss of customers or It is to increase the production cost. In order to avoid the discovery of these phenomena, we should plan the production of precision stamping parts and formulate design standards.

Production planning of precision stamping parts

  • 1. A strict inspection system must be established during production. The first precision stamping parts produced daily must be inspected, and the inspection must be passed before they can be put into production. At the same time, inspections must be strengthened. Deal with it in a timely manner.
  • 2. During the stamping process, the mold cavity should be kept clean, and the orderly processed workpieces should be arranged neatly in the workplace.
  • 3. Adhere to a civilized production system. For example, the transfer of precision stamping parts and accessories must use appropriate workstations, otherwise the surface of the workpiece will be crushed and scratched and the surface quality of the workpiece will be affected.

Design standards for precision stamping parts

  • 1. When designing precision stamping parts, it should be ensured that under normal use, the dimensional accuracy and surface roughness requirements should be as low as possible, and it should be beneficial to the interchange between precision stamping parts and reduce waste. , To ensure the stability of the quality of precision stamping parts.
  • 2. When designing precision stamping parts, the existing equipment, process equipment and procedures should be used as much as possible to process the precision stamping parts, and at the same time, it should be helpful to extend the service life of the Stamping Die.
  • 3. The designed precision stamping parts must be conducive to improving the utilization rate of metal materials, reducing the types and specifications of materials, and reducing the consumption of materials as much as possible; using low-cost materials where permitted, and making the parts as waste-free as possible And waste-less arbitration.

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