How to make 5-axis CNC machining easy (1)

For mold makers using multi-axis machine tools, developing CNC programs that can take full advantage of these machine tools can be a challenge. Its purpose is to make full use of the movement of the additional axis of the machine tool (worktable or tool holder) in the most effective way, while at the same time making the mould have a good surface finish.In recent years, the synchronous movement of machine tools has become more complex, and it has also made CAM software systems difficult to solve in both mathematics and technology. The rapid development of processing technology has made it difficult to develop synchronous NC programs that can be used to run machine tools.In addition, software products designed for multi-axis machines must be easy to use and error correctable. Since the materials used for these advanced machine tools, high-precision tools and accessories are very expensive, very minor programming errors can also cause significant losses.Based on these premises, the challenge for CAM software developers is how to combine these powerful programming functions with a programming process that is easily understood by the user. These functions must be explicitly stated to guide the user through the programming process so as to avoid errors in determining the tool path. At the same time, it does not make the programming process rigid or limited.Old-style thinkingIn order to provide users with a variety of machining solutions, CAM software developers always break down four-axis and five-axis machining into various specialized functions that can be used for various tool paths. In fact, some CAM developers are proud to offer a variety of specialized features.The cost of developing this type of software is to make the system's functionality difficult to understand. Typical end users can only understand and utilize limited functionality. It is impossible for busy CNC programmers to remember the usefulness of the many functions of the CAM system, so they usually only program according to the functions they are most familiar with and ignore other functions.
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