How to maintain the car safety manual

In a blink of an eye, the “year” is about to pass, and office workers are returning to their jobs one after another. Before the Spring Festival, we introduced how to maintain the vehicle before the festival. Today, let’s talk about issues related to vehicle maintenance after the holiday.

■Appearance inspection

Car washing is the first step to check the vehicle, so as to help discover some hidden dangers in the vehicle itself. It is found that the car body has scratches, we can do different treatments according to the depth of the scratches. If it is a slight scratch, we can wax and polish it; if the scratch is too deep and the primer has been exposed, then we must carry out the touch-up treatment as soon as possible.

■Light inspection

The light inspection is especially necessary, especially as the winter starts soon, and it gets darker and earlier. Therefore, the condition of the lights cannot be ignored. Mainly check whether the headlights, fog lights, brake lights, and turn signals are working properly. If one or more of them are found to be faulty, it may be that the bulb has reached the end of its life, or it may be that the circuit is malfunctioning. It is recommended to check the system. Whether the lights are normal or not is directly related to our driving safety.

For vehicles using ordinary halogen headlights, in addition to checking the lights, we should also pay attention to whether the headlights have good airtightness, because the halogen lamp holder will generate high temperature. Once water mist appears in the lamp, the high temperature will easily cause the lampshade or Damage to the lamp bowl.

■Tire inspection

Tyre inspection is the *simple and *needing to be careful. Before and after driving, the tire pattern is checked for wear and tire pressure, and the stones and other debris in the gap are cleaned up.

For car owners who travel during the Spring Festival and face off-road sections that need to appropriately reduce tire pressure to increase friction, remember to replenish normal tire pressure in time after returning from a trip. At present, many repair shops provide free pumping, The service of measuring tire pressure is very convenient.

Inspection of oil and circuit ■Inspection of oil and circuit

After talking about the appearance inspection, let’s talk about the oil problem inside the vehicle. This is the key to whether the vehicle can maintain its performance. First, check whether the engine oil leaks, and whether the belt is aging and needs to be replaced.

If there are friends traveling by car during the holiday, the first thing to do is to check the oil, which is the same as the pre-holiday maintenance, and the color of the oil is the replacement standard. If the color is brown, the engine oil needs to be replaced; if the color is yellow, and the fluidity is good, no need to replace it.

Friends who drive during the Spring Festival must replenish the glass of water in time. Winter rain and snow, firecracker dust and dust on the road, all force us to use a large amount of glass water to clean the windshield. The consumption of glass water is so large that we need to replenish it in time.

While checking the oil, cleaning the engine compartment of the vehicle can effectively prevent the vehicle from spontaneous combustion. It is especially important to check loose electrical circuits and leaves falling into the engine compartment.

The normal operation of the brake is an important guarantee for the safe driving of the vehicle, so it is necessary to focus on inspection after the self-driving tour. After ensuring that the brake fluid is not missing, focus on the use of the brake disc. During the inspection process, if the brake disc friction lining is found to be severely worn, go to the service station in time. In addition, the sensitivity of the handbrake must not be checked. Ignore it.

When inspecting the chassis, pay special attention to whether there is any leakage of vehicle oil, and go to the repair shop to check if it is inaccurate. Remind some car owners who have not installed the guard plate, be sure to assemble the engine guard plate before going out, its role is obvious when accidentally supporting the bottom.

After checking the oil and various functions in the car, what should you do if you are still worried about the condition of the car? Restart the car, the vehicle will enter the self-checking process, and all car owners can observe the abnormal state of almost all vehicles through the indicator lights of the instrument.

■Inspection and cleaning of vehicle-mounted items

After a Spring Festival, whether you are visiting by relatives or traveling by car, I believe there will be some debris in the car that needs to be cleaned up. Clean the whole car in time, which can effectively avoid the peculiar smell in the car. The cleaning of the car body and wheel hub is also an essential item for returning from play.

Some corners in the car that are prone to bacteria or trash fall should be specially checked, especially for car owners who have a habit of smoking. These corners are the key to the air quality in the car.

The trunk is our mobile storage box. After a long journey, it is bound to be messy. Moving out unnecessary heavy objects in time can effectively reduce fuel consumption. Cleaning the trunk can also eliminate odors in the car, which is also a guarantee for our health.

In the accompanying items, we should first check whether the vehicle insurance policy, driving book, and driver’s license are lost. In addition, we should also check whether the interior parts are damaged.

If you have carried out small projects such as changing tires and setting up batteries during a trip, you must remember to check whether the tools provided with the vehicle are complete after returning. These mainly include: warning triangle, battery grounding wire, tire socket wrench, fire extinguisher, Engineer shovel, tire pressure gauge, etc. *After making sure that there are no valuables left in the car, the basic inspection of the whole car can come to an end

After the Spring Festival, the inspection of the entire vehicle plays a vital role in our safety. Among them, the inspection of vehicle lights, appearance, and tires can be completed by yourself. As for the condition of vehicle oil, car owners who are not assured can go to a repair shop for inspection. For long-distance vehicles (more than 3000 kilometers), we recommend that the owner go to the store for a small maintenance, which is a guarantee for the performance of the vehicle and our own safety.

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