How to extend the operating life of a four-column hydraulic press

Nowadays, four-column hydraulic presses are used in many machinery industries. The machinery and equipment in the machinery industry are operating all year round, and the prices are relatively high. Therefore, the cost of regular replacement of equipment every year is too high, so many operators hope Can increase the life of mechanical equipment, so how to increase the service life of the four-column hydraulic equipment itself?

Selection of four-column hydraulic oil. The quality and cleanliness of the hydraulic oil and the working viscosity determine the reliability of the hydraulic system of the Hydraulic Press, as well as the efficiency, lifespan and economy of the hydraulic press. The selection of suitable hydraulic oil can stabilize the hydraulic system of the hydraulic press, reduce the influence of oil temperature on viscosity, enhance the system’s wear resistance and corrosion resistance, and have advantages for the reliable operation of pumps and hydraulic valves.

The four-column hydraulic equipment must be operated by professional trained employees. It is necessary to have an in-depth understanding of the equipment, debugging, operation, and maintenance of the hydraulic press to operate, so that it can effectively reduce the defects of the equipment due to human factors.

The oil temperature of the system should be controlled well during use. The minimum oil temperature of the four-column hydraulic system is 25°C, and the best operating temperature is 35°C-45°C. Exceeding 45°C is unfavorable for the system.

If the specified value is exceeded, the system should be checked and checked in time. The four-column hydraulic press needs to be equipped with an oil injection filter device.

Stable voltage. Pay attention to the stability of the voltage during the operation, and its fluctuation value should not exceed or fall below 5-10% of the additional voltage. The door or cover of the electrical cabinet, junction box, and console must be closed or covered when the machine is in operation. It is not allowed to be opened and used to avoid contamination.

Four-column hydraulic press is found to be dealt with in time and cannot be forced to work. When a four-column hydraulic press is found to be defective, do not dismantle and replace the equipment components privately, and have professional equipment repair personnel to clean up and repair the defects. Always check and tighten pipe joints as scheduled to prevent loosening and oil leakage.

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