How To Effectively Improve The Quality Of Sheet Metal Fabrication

First, strictly abide by the scientific and effective Sheet Metal Fabrication technology.
Sheet Metal Fabrication is a rational, very process processing technology; in order to do a good job of Sheet Metal Fabrication, strictly abide by the scientific and effective Sheet Metal Fabrication technology is an indispensable choice; scientific and effective Sheet Metal Fabrication technology To: clear the production outline, and determine the type of production —- part of the assembly map and product assembly diagram analysis, but also on the parts of the skills analysis —- pick rough, the development of a good skill road —- the The processing of the processing of the margin to determine and calculate the process scale and business should be used to the equipment, tools, fixtures, measuring tools, and some auxiliary tools, to determine the good —- determine the amount of cutting And work quota, and that is the main process of the skills requirements and inspection methods —- fill out the skills of the file, and do the appropriate records.Second, do a good job of Sheet Metal Fabrication of various mechanical operations.In the Sheet Metal Fabrication, the effective do a variety of mechanical operations, can effectively control a variety of processing quality; common, be sure to do the mechanical operation is as follows:1, Sheet Metal Fabrication in the welding, generally have hydrogen arc welding, spot welding, manual arc welding and carbon dioxide protection welding. Make spot welding, you have to consider the welding position.2, the workpiece pressure riveting, will have to take into account the height of the stud, there is the pressure of the press, etc., in addition to the surface of the stud and the workpiece should be flush, so as not to make the workpiece scrap and can not be used.3, after the Sheet Metal Fabrication, but also the appearance of inspection, including size, etc., if any problems should be rework, or direct retirement treatment, so as to ensure the quality of processing.Third, remove all kinds of factors that may affect the quality of sheet metal.In the Sheet Metal Fabrication process, in general, will affect the quality of Sheet Metal Fabrication, including the following factors:1, physical and mechanical properties: the main material is the appearance of metallographic arrangements to change and the appearance of residual stress in these two areas, usually speaking, the greater the plastic material of the workpiece, then the more obvious the cold scene.2, the use of machinery and equipment performance is mainly the wear and tear of mechanical equipment, corrosion resistance and fatigue strength, and its wear resistance, corrosion resistance, the better, to prevent the occurrence of deformation, corrosion and other phenomena, thereby preventing the emergence of severe Wear.For these factors, we can adopt the solution are:1, cutting fluid to be a reasonable selection, which can reduce the friction coefficient and cutting temperature, thereby reducing the wear of the tool.2, the technical procedures to develop a scientific and reasonable to ensure that the workpiece appearance quality. Therefore, the positioning should be accurate, the process should be as short as possible.Fourth, the appropriate use of precision machining.First of all, want to achieve precision machining, which involves a lot of aspects, such as processing equipment, processing accuracy, mainly here refers to the lathe, there is the technical level of the operator, in addition to other factors, But for the first two terms, they are essential, and are demanding.Second, for precision machining, the raw materials used are not what can be, it also has some requests, such as in terms of hardness, although the requested material hardness can not be too low, but can not be too high, can not exceed the machine equipment Hardness, or will make it damaged.
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