How to deal with abnormal high pressure of hydraulic press

In actual production, it is inevitable to stop the Hydraulic Press of the hydraulic press. In serious cases, its work efficiency will be affected. Therefore, we need to deal with it quickly. But how to deal with this abnormal high-pressure situation, non-professionals must not know, so China Machinery will tell you.

How to deal with abnormal high pressure of hydraulic machine

  • 1. Set a relief valve in the hydraulic circuit to avoid abnormal external force and high pressure circuits. When the cylinder 1 is stopped, the pressure in the cylinder is increased due to the inertia effect, and an overflow valve is provided to avoid abnormal high pressure. Avoid circuits that cause abnormal high voltage due to non-operation of components. When the cylinder 2 is lowered, if the balance valve 1 is faulty and does not operate, abnormal high pressure occurs on the piston rod side, and the relief valve 3 can be set to avoid this situation. Avoid abnormally high-voltage circuits at the time of suspension. When the hydraulic motor 2 drives a large inertial load and the reversing valve 1 returns to the neutral position, a large hydraulic shock occurs. The brake valve 3 is set to drain the compressed high-pressure oil, and at the same time, it can pass the check valve from the oil tank. Inhale oil to replenish the vacuum in the other side of the oil pipe to prevent cavitation.
  • 2. Reduce hydraulic shock and use a flow valve to slow down the hydraulic shock circuit. When starting, the electro-hydraulic reversing valve 1 and the electromagnetic reversing valve 2 are switched together, the opening of the flow valve 3 is slowly opened, and the motor 5 moves slowly. When stopping, the opening of the flow valve 3 controlled by the electromagnetic reversing valve 2 is slowly closed to slow down the motor speed. At this time, the electro-hydraulic reversing valve 1 is in the center position and the motor is completely stopped. The acceleration and deceleration time is adjusted by the saving equipment. Mitigation of hydraulic shock can also be accomplished by setting the end buffer method of the hydraulic cylinder and the stroke-saving control.

Mitigating the hydraulic shock of the hydraulic press can also be achieved by setting the hydraulic cylinder short-point buffer measures and stroke throttling control, which is set in the hydraulic circuit of the hydraulic press.

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