How to choose Chinese injection mould structure

Sino Mould is Chinese plastic injection mold supplier ,is famous for making high quality injection moulds China with reasonable price and creative idea, is the biggest injection mold maker in China. Sino Mould not only supplies you injection moulding China, also offers you online consulting service about the Chinese injection moulds and the Chinese injection molding machineries.   Injection mold structure plays an important role in plastic processability, production operating, and economic benefit and etc.Here,we will tell you something about how to choose a suitable injection mold structure.
Firstly, how does we choose the Chinese injection mold base?
Always , we may use standard injection mold base and standard spare parts for the injection mold in China. like LKM, FUTABA, Minglee and China. It is good way to reduce the manufacturing cycle and cut down the cost.Our company can offer the Chinese injection moulds with DME standard or China standard. Sometimes, we use LKM mold base to meet the customers’ requirements.
Secondly, which factors will you consider for the injection mold structure in China?
1. The physics property of plastic raw materials
2. The shape of the plastic parts from the Chinese injection molds
3.How many plastic products does the injection mold China make?
4. The processing method of the injection molding tools China
5.The parameter of the press machine
As you know, a suitable mold structure can result in economic benefits for your company, if you feels interested in this, pls contact China MOULD, we are the professional Chinese injection mold maker, and we have the ability to help you find a fine solution to win more and pay less.

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