How to avoid punch rust

Generally speaking, a layer of paint will be applied to the surface of the punching machine to improve the rust resistance of the equipment. However, it is inevitable that the equipment may encounter the problem of rust, which will seriously affect the use of the equipment. Efficiency and service life. So how can we prevent the equipment from rusting?

  • 1. Check the punching machine on time for signs of rust, and clean it up in time.
  • 2. Use the equipment indoors as much as possible, keep the room dry, and do a good job of waterproofing, and do not place it in the open air and expose it to wind and sun.
  • 3. Try to avoid using it on rainy days or wet seasons. It is even more important to keep the room dry and not affected by rain. If possible, you can cover it with a waterproof cover.

Therefore, if you want to effectively avoid the rust of the punch press through the above content, it is necessary to eliminate the factors that can cause the equipment to rust from the beginning. Therefore, every time you finish using the equipment, you must do a good job of cleaning and maintenance to avoid rusting of the equipment.

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Author: ANDY Minghe